5 Best Kratom for Pain Relief

Suffering from Pain – whether it is physiological or psychological there are many people who suffer from pains, anxiety retorts, and depression. Some may find medical support to get out of it and some others would get along with it for a while as part of their personality traits.

I had suffered from an unusual backache for almost five years; I thought it was almost acute as I was not able to find any proper remedy for such an immutable pain. It even makes a visit rarely at nights to bring me to back to suffering. I used to find those unending nights volatile and miserable. I pray in such suffering to some power for the relief which I certainly know which is not very easily possible.

It used to be a fragile situation and I become very pessimistic towards the medical treatment. I have read an article shared by my neighbor about Kratom, and its pain relieving merits. I went into a positive mood and canceled all the appointments I made for consulting the doctors and tried to get the best Kratom from a reliable source. You can even get information about kratom from some of the online resources which would help you to find the best Kratom for treating your pain.  As I started taking the course I have become utterly optimistic about my life and future.

So, what is the magic of Kratom?

Follow the passage below:

I want to clearly describe that before I was introduced to Kratom, I was literally battling the unending pains which come frequently to disturb my normalcy and peace. I don’t mind saying it was a battle because all through my early thirties, I was suffering from pain and didn’t even have a good sleep at least for a day.

I have lost all my hopes on conventional medicines and tried to take a chance with Kratom and I’m totally glad that it worked.

On this occasion, I’m trying to put out the five best reviews that have come on Kratom by its customers which are collected from the trusted sources.

These are the selected popular reviews regarding Kratom and its benefits.

Why must you believe these Kratom reviews?

It is obvious that a question arises in your mind that “why should we believe his reviews?” The answer is quite simple. I would like to share my biography and experience with the context of my relationship with Kratom. Hi, this is Stanley, been a Kratom user for so long time, it is such long that I don’t remember the past before I was introduced to Kratom. The impression of Kratom in my life was that strong. I’m reviewing the Kratom products not as a professional medical representative but as a one among you who had or is suffering from chronic pains and anxiety issues. I wanted to share my incredible experience with Kratom products, which would help individuals who are suffering from various kinds of medical conditions to recover. That was the reason for me to commence this blog. I would be totally glad if your medical conditions get alright with Kratom.

The following are the reviews described in a personal perspective but not as professional as I tried to convey in the above paragraph. Please do not think it was a marketing trick since I’m taking a lot of effort to make you understand about Kratom which had been nothing short of a miracle as far as I’m concerned.

What are the aspects I will include or the pattern of my reviews?

The review will be bifurcated into three parts, which are as follows:

  • My experience with Kratom
  • The price of Kratom and the quantity they offer
  • What type of strain it belongs to and whether it is a powder/capsule/extract of Kratom?
  1. Green Maeng Da Kratom

To the entire Kratom enthusiasts over there, Maeng Da owns the reputation of being a purist and the most effective strain that belongs to Kratom tree. It takes its origin in the forests of Thailand and it is the most reputed Kratom strain in the country. It is widely known for exquisite features and it takes the name of ‘pimp brand’, which is given to it only as a marketing strategy. People who use this strain regularly do not know about its excellent benefits especially about its green vein quality. It is the most classical and uncorrupted form of Kratom as the veins of it remain green unlike the others is colored either red or white. Like almost every other Kratom strain, it shares the origins in the evergreen tropical forests of the Southeast Asian regions like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand etc.

I took this strain in the very beginning when I was introduced to Kratom, it is known for its popular reputation all over the world, which is the reason I bought or chose this variety strain. Since I was suffering from terrible back pains, all my routine got badly affected and my sleep wouldn’t be very good as I took this Green Maeng Da Kratom powder as a Tea with some hot water, I was able to witness a shocking changeover which was utterly pleasing.

Since the potency of it is very strong, I was able to witness the pain gradually getting reduced within 4 hours after the intake. My horrible pain which made me and my thinking very pessimistic was turning to heal and the optimism is the first sign of Kratom.

I was able to get relieved from my back pain and my enthusiasm with Kratom was more or less started with this product.


It is obvious that every other pharmacy (Kratom websites) has a unique price for all kinds of strain totally distinct from one another. The average or the most affordable price of Maeng Da Kratom Strain is $24.00 (verified product sold by Kaybotanicals).

This particular strain comes in various varieties but the price mentioned above was for Green Maeng Da Kratom powder which could be made into a various solvent for the consumption such as Tea, Milkshake, Protein Shake and Yoghurt.

Exceptional benefits of Maeng Da:

  • Pain control
  • Energy boost up
  • Sleep control etc.
  1. Red Bali Kratom

If we see the brief description of Red Bali Kratom, it is a therapeutic medicine used for healing some medical conditions. Majorly, it is known for curing pains and stress disorders. It is not very appealing for the people who are seeking an energy stimulant.

I started using this product as a test in a brief break I had taken from using other Kratom strains. Because with the break I had taken my pain started to retain its strength and affecting my comfort. It was getting eventually worsen and I had no choice but using Kratom again. As an enthusiastic being, I chose another strain without having a proper reason. I used Red Bali Kratom this time and look at what the result was perfect and enthralling.

I started using it as a part of my daily routine and it did help me with my insomnia which I’ve got again because of breaking the Kratom course. The pain got ceased within two to three dosages completely and I was using this particular strain for a long period of time until I was in an experimental mood.

As the name suggests, this Kratom strain is originated in the hilly regions of Bali, which is a part of Indonesian territory. It is one of the most reputed strains of Kratom which had gained so much popularity world over.

It is very much accessible for all the local consumers to purchase Bali Kratom as it is available with many numbers of native vendors. It also comes in other forms like Green Bali Kratom and White Bali Kratom (The efficiency remains more or less equivalent).


Each color of this strain costs differently from one another as it depends mostly on its potency, supply, and the demand. In average conditions, the Green Bali Kratom costs around $15.00.

This type of Kratom is rich in alkaloid content and the best form of consuming Bali Kratom is in the form of Powder.

  1. Borneo Kratom

The Borneo Kratom takes its origin in the islands of Borneo, which is the administrative part of both Indonesia and Malaysia. The island is very popular because there is an abundance of miraculous strains like Borneo Kratom. Among all the color strains, white leaves take a great reputation.

The individuals who are looking for a smart drug like capabilities with Kratom, nothing makes it better than Borneo Kratom in that context.  I would recommend this strain to all the individuals who are finding a greater threat to their cognitive abilities like concentration, confidence; energy levels, etc. above all the pain reliever seekers. Even the individuals who are facing depression could also have this strain for the enhancement of their abilities.

One cannot anticipate the psychological breakdowns, sometimes the circumstances cause such and in other times they occur without any proper reason. I was facing such a lean phase in my life with depression. As a Kratom user, I know not all the Kratom are the same but have their unique identities and qualities. I made a small amount of research about the Kratom strains which could cure depression. I found Borneo Kratom, which I had received rapidly than any other Kratom strain in my experience. I was skeptical in the beginning though depression is not as easy as curing the other medical conditions like pains. I was surprised by the Kratom again by its miraculous approach. I overcome depression within less time and Kratom brought back normalcy to my life with ease without taking much time and coerces.

In the United States, Borneo Kratom has great popularity and which is the reason for its great accessibility from all the corners. You can find this strain very easily without having any amount of strain.


If we speak in the context of pricing, Borneo is very much affordable in the United States. The price range differs from one color to another but the white strain costs higher and even in the potency levels, it holds the top chair. It costs roughly about $23.50.

The most efficient benefits of this particular strain are as follows:

  • Easing of mood swings
  • Stress relaxation
  • Energy boost up
  • Curing depression
  • Smart drug abilities

These are some of the factors that one could benefit from using this Borneo Kratom strain. If you add this to your daily manual, the purpose gets served in an efficient way.

  1. Malay Kratom

As the name itself suggests, this Kratom strain arrives from Malaysia and it has been regarded as one of the efficient strains which could heal the chronic pains relatively much better than several other Kratom strains.

I wanted to use this Kratom strain with the intention to review the benefits of it in an intrinsic way. I also wanted to experience it like all the other Kratom strains which had affected me with good motives and results. I’m not totally relieved from my back pains because they come randomly some day and make almost impossible for me to walk.

However, it wouldn’t take much time for me to get healed from such pains, as I started taking my first dose of Malay Kratom, my pains started to cease in an effective way within no time. As I had the medicine, the pain gradually got down from intolerable levels to manageable levels. After having this strain for a couple of days, I was able to regain my normalcy in walking.

Apart from the pain-relieving virtues, Malay Kratom is also known for its other exceptional benefits which are as follows:

  • Immunity enhancement
  • Focus enrichment
  • Concentration efficiency improvement
  • Aids in the better sleep cycle
  • Facilitates the mind to calm and relax


As far the price is concerned, it is very costly than the other Kratom strains. It costs more or less the same amount as any other Kratom strains. In fact, it costs less than multiple numbers of Kratom strains. The Green Malay Kratom costs around $14.00 and the other two color strains (White and Red) costs roughly about $10.00 and $12.00 respectively.

You can find this kind of Kratom easily in the region of the United States, and the most exquisite benefit of this particular strain is that the individuals need not have this strain at high dosages because they have great potent levels.

  1. Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom

It is one of the most popular and most available strains among Kratom vendors who operate within the United States. Many individuals believe that it is the most influential Kratom strain that is systematically enriched by the manufacturers. Since it has additional alkaloid content to it, the potency is multiple times better than most of the Kratom strains.

I have tested this strain when I met with insane pain in my lower back. I was away from home and I didn’t have Kratom with me at that point in time. I asked for Kratom with the near vendors, I was given this ultra-enhanced Indo Kratom strain which worked powerfully and taking me into astonishment. My pain got relaxed very soon and I was able to witness additional euphoric levels which drastically relaxed my anxiety which was caused by pain.

Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom works at several levels, not just a mere painkiller but also a sedative and relaxation supplementary. It could also be used by individuals who seek extensive energy upliftment.

Since I had this strain without a choice, I would like to quote another advantage that all the Kratom users could benefit. I did not have any kind of stress while transferring from the other Kratom strain to this one. Kratom relieves from stress in the best way as possible, consumption should be taken on the right time. The transition was quite simple and I would wish to recommend this for all the Kratom users who want to make a diversification from one strain to the other.

This strain need not be purchased in lump sum quantities as even a pinch of dosage could provide exceptional results, unlike the other strains that belong to the Kratom tree.


This is the description of five different Kratom strains that could produce relaxation for the individuals who suffer from pains. Apart from the above reviews, if you doubt who can a natural product like Kratom could result in pain relief. I would wish to clear your doubts by sharing some knowledge. Kratom comes from the family of coffee and the tree is known as Mitragyna Speciosa traditionally. The discovery of the tree takes us back to the 19th century in the Southeast Asian countries like Brunei and the Philippines. The residents took this leaves initially to resolve their addiction issues and gradually found its other prominent benefits. Scientific research says that Mitragyna Speciosa plant naturally has an analgesic quality which results in ceasing various kinds of pains.

Is Kratom really harmful?

If we look at some authorized reports, chronic pains are no longer a minor issue. They are getting so much momentum as the cases are increasing multiple times every year. Kratom’s rise is proportional to the widening of such conditions. Kratom is not a scientific product, but a natural one which could be consumed in the most natural manner. There are some allegations regarding the scientific validity of Kratom, but the faithful Kratom community considers such allegations as nothing less than blasphemy.

Is Kratom a mere painkiller?

In the end, if you consider Kratom as a painkiller, you in right in a way. You should also know that Kratom doesn’t produce side effects like the regular pain killer medicines. It is a traditional product with numerous other benefits which are mentioned above.

Is Kratom legal?

If we come to legal aspects of Kratom, It is not legal in 9 listed states of the United States (As of May 10, 2016, Kratom is a Schedule 1 controlled substance in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Wisconsin).

Kratom Deals

There are numerous deals like coupon codes and discount on buying Kratom products, do check the updates and get the benefit to the maximum levels.