5 Best Kratom for Sleep and Insomnia

The threat for insomnia is real and if you are someone who has not realized it till now, it is high time to find a solution for it.  Some people are yet to realize it and some people have already found that they have this issue for real. If you think that this is normal and on a long run this can cause a serious hazard on your health for sure. These things are not normal and if your sleep pattern is not normal and if there is a lot of disruptions between your sleep, it means that your boy does not get enough rejuvenation and in the end, it won’t function properly.

For a body to function properly, it requires at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Some people won’t even get 3 hours of sleep and they still think that is fine for them. If you are an avid follower of my blogs, you might have known that I have suffered for being an insomniac. It has haunted and let me down over a long period of time and haunted me.

So how did I use Kratom to recover from Insomnia?

I personally experimented with the Kratom and its products to recover from it. I also recommend the same for my readers. As we are heading to a lifestyle which is moving a much higher pace and considering Kratom to overcome the lack of sleep is surely worth considering. So I would recommend you all to use this as a supplement to have a sound sleep.

Do not mistake me for this and I am not here to sell stuff which is based on Kratom. I am here just to share my experience on how it had a positive impact on my sleep. I would recommend each and every one of you to continue reading these articles which can help your sleep in many ways.

How does Kratom play a role in your sleep?

Before we get into the details of the impact of Kratom in your sleep, it is important to know the reason why does your sleep get affected. It is due to two major parameters and they are stress and anxiety. They tend to reach a peak level when we are unoccupied without any work. There are other reasons too but, these two are the main reasons for insomnia.

Due to a positive effect of Kratom to handle stress and anxiety it targets the roots of the issue and helps you to overcome it. The tests are also backed by many medical types of research. Without the stress factor in our body, we can get sleep pretty easily without any issues.  Many have backed Kratom in improving the quality of their sleep and added to that who does not love to stay away from stress?

Sedation is something which provides you the synergy to overcome stress.  Choosing the right Kratom also plays a vital role to get the right kind of synergy. I will help you to go in depth and help you in identifying the best Kratom for sleep in this article.

Due to the presence of the alkaloid names 7hydrodymitragynine in the opioid family, it helps you in causing a physical comfort which invites sleep in your body. Many have felt that after consuming Kratom, they felt themselves getting wrapped in a blanket which has made them feel more comfortable physically. So with all these factors coming in, it will help you in recovering from stress and has a positive impact on your body.

Now I am going to tell you about the usage, strain selection and dosage for a proper sleep.

To get a sound sleep it is also important to know some information about Kratom to stay informed.


The key parameter in choosing the correct Kratom lies in choosing the best type of Kratom. Surely this is going to be tricky for some new uses and I am sure that I can help you I choosing the correct strain for sure. There are as many as varieties that are available in Kratom and I am here to provide tips until you gain some experience in it.

Some of the best Kratom strains are Indo strains, Borneo strains and the strains from Sumatra. One of the most sedating strains is Bali, Borneo, and Indo because of their ability to relieve stress and anxiety. I am going to list out the strains which have a great effect on relieving stress and anxiety are Borneo, Indo, Red vein, Maeng Da Kratom, Red dragon Kratom, White horn Kratom, Super green Indo Kratom, and Sumatra Kratom. I would recommend you to avoid other Kratom strains other than this because they do not have that ability to cause the sedation which is caused by these strains. One more reason why I chose these strains is that of the ability of these strains to cause a counterproductive effect.


This part is most trickier part in using Kratom for sleep. The main reason I mentioned this part as trickier because the dosage varies with individuals and they may require a different dosage level to gee the right sleep. In general, the usage of Kratom for sleep is a bit higher than the regular dosage and some even respond great to a smaller dosage. I have quantified the grams which will help you in choosing the Kratom according to the dosage.

Light dose: 2 TO 3 GRAMS

Moderate dose: 3-5 GRAMS

High dose: 6-7 GRAMS

If you are a beginner it is recommended to start with a low dosage and reach a higher dosage on a lower level. I request you to test each and every stain that you consume and make sure that you get the correct strain.

Is Kratom recommended for people with sleeping disorders?

One should remember that the sleeping hour of an individual varies from person to person. Some may be okay with a sleep timing of just 5 hours and some are not satisfied with that timing bracket. On the other side of the coin there are some people who need more than 5 hours of sleep and when they wake up, they look at fatigue. The problem varies from person to person and hence that should not prevent them from talking Kratom as a supplement. If you are someone who is struggling to find whether you are affected by a sleeping disorder, I have lined up some symptoms which can help you to identify it.

1.Excess stress

2.Jet lag

3.Affected sleep quality due to the consumption of caffeine

4.Neurological conditions like dystopia

5.Hormonal imbalances

6.Side effects of prescribed drugs

7.Physical issues and chronic pains

I have listed them out because; insomnia is an issue which is more related to other issues. It is important that you should know the importance of the issue and ensure that you stay away from the issues. I strongly recommend my readers to consult a professional doctor in case of any of these symptoms. Ultimately, Kratom is not the only solution for the issue and you can expect that it would give you the correct solution.

Apart from all these parameters, I can assure you that Kratom is better than all the prescribed drugs which are available in the stores. We all know that Kratom does not have any side effect on us and hence we can try them out without any fear for sure. Recently, Kratom has been made legal in almost all the states in the US and you can buy it without any hassles.  I can suggest you with the 5 best Kratom stains which I have personally tried and tested which have given me an outstanding result.

  1. Maeng Da Kratom-Kay Botanicals

This company is all about being natural and has made a mark in the business of selling Kratom. They sell all original and genuine products.  Even if you are opting to buy Kratom on a larger quantity, this is a place which you can trust blindly.  They provide a road-map to provide their customers with a healthy lifestyle and make them come back to buy more from them.  The company also uses traditional methods to harvest Kratom.

In the Kratom community, the Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most popular variants and liked by all due to the higher potency level of the variant. It also ensures that gives the highest alkaloid levels in the family of Kratom. It is a native product from Thailand and it is proven to produce a good sleeping effect when compared to other Kratom strains. It contains the most important alkaloids that should be present in the Kratom. Make sure that you use this variant with correct dosage levels.

  1. Red Dragon Kratom – Phytoextractum

This website, in particular, is famous for introducing many new variants of Kratom and if you are someone who would love to explore more products with the Kratom, then this is the right strain for you. They have one of the best payment gateways with a 256-bit encrypted payment process. So you don’t have to worry about your personal information from getting stolen.  They also offer same day shipping process if you are someone who is expecting a quick delivery.

Red Dragon Kratom is widely used for the purpose of sedation. This is one of the strains which causes a better alkaloid as it is grown with a mixture of good soil and climate. This is available in the powder format and can be used to relieve you from stress and anxiety which I have personally experienced out of it.

  1. Super Green Indo Kratom – PurKratom

PurKratom have been helping the people of Florida and other parts of the US by supplying this herb. They always meet your need in terms of quality and help you in choosing the right strain by educating the customers so that the customers get benefited out of it.  They have lab certifications for all their products which is an added advantage for the customers. If they provide medicinal certificates, it means that their products are free from bacteria like salmonella and other infectious bacteria.

This type of Kratom is sold in capsules. Dry crushed leaves of this product invite sleep and help you in reducing stress and anxiety. You can surely give it a try if you want to eliminate the insomnia feel.

  1. White Horn Kratom – Best Kratom

They ensure that you get the best out of your strain. They are one of the most trusted sites which I would personally suggest you go for it. They have been mostly selling products in a larger quantity which can help you with discounts. They perform rigorous testing on their products thus they ensure that they are cent percent safe. If you are not personally satisfied with their products, they back you with a  30-day satisfaction guarantee.

The reason why it got this name is that of the appearance and you won’t be surprised if you see the leaf. It causes sedation to you and gives you a sound sleep when compared to the other strains. Make sure that you keep an eye on the dosage when using this.

  1. Sumatra Kratom – Kraken Kratom

By far the best Kratom service which is available on the market and you cannot find a better seller than this and they offer every service that a customer would expect from a seller right from proper delivery to customer support. Their consistent quality in providing Kratom has made them one of the best in the industry. All their products are tested in the lab and can be consumed without a second thought. Kraken Kratom provides larger discounts on their products to attract their customers. On a positive note, you cannot find a bad review about their site on the internet.

This type of Kratom should be consumed on a lower quantity due to higher potency levels of the product. This helps you to relax and spend some peaceful time. It shuts down your anxiety levels and helps you to overcome stress.