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  • January 24, 2019

5 Best Kratom Powders for treating Arthritis Reviews from Users

I have often seen people ask if Kratom could treat arthritis. Well, you must have already heard about this wonder plant drug that is doing the rounds in the West. This plant drug was used for more than a century and is still in practice due to its powerful alkaloids that aid in the treatment of various disorders and ailments. Kratom has been employed in most cases for its effectiveness in treating chronic pain and improving mood. So coming back to arthritis, it is a common phenomenon now due to the stress people take up in their daily lives. People who tend to stand longer or the ones linked to sports are prone to suffer from this condition. And arthritis is a common health issue for people who are at the brink of tasting old age.

I have heard confessions from people who claim their arthritis condition has improved after the ingestion of Kratom. They say that their pain has been controlled effectively now and it provides them with a lot of comforts that they have been yearning for. So this write-up is going to provide some insight into how Kratom is used to treat arthritis. Before we jump into that section, are you aware of the different Kratom strains that act on our body producing different effects? Well, if not, there are different Kratom strains out there based on the origin, vein color and other variations.

Hence, we thought let’s highlight how different strains obtained from the best online vendors out there can treat arthritis effectively. Putting it in simpler terms, we are going to talk about the 5 best Kratom powders for treating arthritis. You can check on the given description about how does Kratom would be helpful for treating Arthiritis.

How does Kratom deal with Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition that can be seen in most individuals when your own body reacts in a wild manner, attacking the joints and inflicts pain in a periodic manner. Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder where your own body poses threat to the joints and the tissues underlining it.

Arthritis can be classified into two types :

Rheumatoid Arthritis: This condition can be defined as the one when intense pain arises due to the attack on the joint linings by your body.

Osteoarthritis: Your body launches an attack on the joint tissues and the cartilage by mistake, leading to immense pain during any activity.

These two conditions can be completely deadly since they disrupt the daily life with immense pain. It can definitely destroy the confidence and cripple the normal physicals of any person. And the worst part? You will have to live with it forever without any solution. There have been prescriptions only to reduce the pain, but these chemicals create new side effects, posing the great threat to the body.

This is why Kratom is considered to be a safe bet since it is a plant-based opioid, displaying pain relieving properties without any considerable negative effects. This feat is achieved by Kratom due to the alkaloids present in them that bind with the opioid receptors of the brain and reduce the intensity of pain signals through interference.

The following information is based on different user reviews obtained from those brands on their products.

Maeng Da Kratom – Kaybotanicals.com

Kay Botanicals is one of the most trusted online vendors out there who stress on high quality when it comes to Kratom. They stress much on customer satisfaction and hence their Maeng Da Kratom is considered to be the best in the market. They provide Red, Green and White Maeng Da Kratom powder and extracts for purchase. The powder is manufactured by processing top-notch Maeng Da Kratom leaves, collected from indigenous farmers. The leaves are then dried, crushed and powdered for use.

As far as I have researched, Maeng Da Kratom is the strongest strain out there to treat chronic pain. The alkaloid composition is high in them and hence they reduce the intensity of pain effectively.

Product Description

The Manga Da Powder comes off in a very well sealed pouch that is available in two different sizes. You can either opt for the one-ounce pack or the pack that weighs 250 grams. Their Maeng Da product is always blended with White vein Maeng da to attain an increased form of potency. The leaves picked up for this process originate from the JongKong forests, which is well known for high alkaloid content in them.


If you are a beginner, you can stick to 2 grams of Maeng Da powder per day or even more based on the intensity of your pain. However, it is advised that you start with low doses. You can either prepare your own Kratom tea or mix with other beverages if you detest the bitter taste. You can also perform the tossing and washing method for the effects to kick in instantly.


To be frank, this is my most favorite Kratom product since it serves my purpose efficiently. I prefer Kay Botanicals since their products are consistent and I can feel that they work hard to maintain the potency levels at all times. Initially, I was skeptical about using Maeng Da Kratom for my back join problem. However, with people suggesting this for relief, I had no other go than to give it a try. It was like a prophecy for me since the relief I experienced was like never before. I am really glad that I used this product very sooner because my pain was getting worse with every day. Its all under control now and my daily activities proceed in a smooth way. Thanks to Maeng Da Kratom and Kay Botanicals.


I would personally give 4 and above to this product due to the supremacy in quality and also that it doesn’t grind your purse. So a must try, in my opinion.

You can click on the brand website for further information on other products.

Borneo White – Kratomystic.com

Kratomystic is very well known for their consistency and is a popular choice for people who have trust issues with online vendors. Their products are produced by removing the stem and veins to increase the potency. The powder is finely grounded without any lumps, enhancing the quality of the product. Borneo Kratom is one of the popular Indonesian strains out there to treat arthritis and any forms of chronic pain.

Product Description

This particular product at Kratomystic is available in different sizes. You can choose from a range of 28, 113, 227 and 454 grams. They are sealed off in an attractive pouch that is air-tight.


You can consume it either by tossing it into your mouth and drinking water immediately or you could make your own Kratom tea or beverage.


I usually don’t write reviews, but this product from this amazing company has given my life back to me. I have been suffering from bulging discs and arthritis for many years. I started using chemicals without any rewards. It was during those time when I was totally broken that I decided to use this Kratom strain for my pain. Whoa!! Not only the pain, but this strain also treat my anxiety issues and I am very confident now and walk with much comfort.


I have nothing to say more. You can always count on them and this product is a sure shot winner.

Kratom Kaps Red Maeng Da – Buy-Kratom-extracts.com

One of the reliable vendors out there, they specialize in Kratom extracts apart from offering other products as well. This particular product is produced with a specific strain of Red Kratom from Indonesia. It is known for its pain relieving abilities and energy boosting qualities.

Product Description

This product is available in the form of capsules at this company. They offer three different sizes, with the lowest quantity being 45 capsules and the highest size bottle has 100 capsules in it. There is a mid-range bottle with 75 capsules.


You can just pop up the capsules into your mouth and wash it down your throat with water or any juice.


Being a sports person, my knee was subjected to heavy pressure every time I play. Initially, there was less pain and I thought it would get subdued gradually. But later, I got to know that it was a form of arthritis. I could see my life destroyed right in front of my eyes. But, a rebirth happened with Kratom Kaps Red Maeng da from Buy Kratom extracts. The product was amazing and was the ideal choice for my pain. I am all set now for the game next week and I feel all the more fit and healthy.


Just go for it.

Red Horn Kratom – BestKratom.com

Originating from Borneo, this is a very unique strain known for its originality. It is ruby in color and serves well for all pain related issues. The tips of the leaves belonging to this Kratom variety resemble the horns of a dragon. BestKratom.com stands tall as its name with reliable products.

Product Description

This product is available in four sachets based on the weights ranging from 25 and 50 grams up to 100 and 200 grams.


You can either ingest the powder with water or prepare your own Kratom beverage.


Being a person above 50 years, arthritis is a common condition along with the different ailments that I suffer from. However, the pain was intolerable for my age. That is the point when I opted for this unique strain that has swept my pain off the carpet within a few weeks of consumption. And I personally recommend this company for their amazing customer service.


Don’t miss it.

Bali Red Vein – SacredKratom.com

Bali red vein is one of the best selling variety out there with dark leaves and a very balanced alkaloid content with 25 alkaloid spectrum in it. SacredKratom is one vendor who does immense research on their products and also guides users with anything related to Kratom.

Product Description

The Bali red vein sachets come in five different weights based on user preferences.


This very strain goes well with Kratom tea or any other beverage.


I have been searching everywhere for this particular strain and finally found it at SacredKratom.com. This strain works well for me since I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. It is powerful and balanced at the same time that makes it top my favorite list.


Hands down, one of the most original strains I have ever experienced. Just go ahead.

So its all in front of you and if you are someone who is suffering from arthritis, then you can experiment on all these options and check which one suits your body conditions in the best way. Wishing a faster recovery!!


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My 78 y/o dad is suffering from arthritis in his back, hands and feet and has long ago already had both knees replaced. He recently had surgery to repair an aortic arterial tear and may need a pacemaker to keep the afib under control. The condition in his heart/arteries is damage that could cause another tear or rupture at any time, yet he also has low blood pressure.
I need help in figuring out a strain that would relieve his pain but not increase his heart rate or cause any other cardiac irritation. I appreciate any guidance you could offer. Thank you.

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