Best Kratom Vendors in Canada

Best Places To Buy Kratom Online in Canada: Reviews & Guide

With the numerous medical benefits that Kratom can provide now open to the public, more and more people are opting to use Kratom to ease their stresses. From pain management to increase energy levels, Kratom has become a popular alternative supplement to various prescription and over-the-counter medications and is even known for its use in helping people battle depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

First encountered in the forests of Southeast Asia, this plant was originally used for centuries by the locals before becoming available on the global market. While the natives usually made use of it by chewing the leaves or brewing teas from the leaves, Kratom is now available in extracted forms, most commonly powders, capsules, and liquid extracts, either in a shop near you or online. But if you are new to this supplement, or even for more experienced users looking for more permanent retailers to buy their regular Kratom stock from, it can be difficult to determine who the best vendors available to you are.

With only a few districts across both the USA and Canada maintaining Kratom retail outlets from trusted vendors, you may find yourself in an area without a trusted vendor to buy from. Well, have no fear and search no further. We have compiled this list for you, so you can have an easy reference point for the best Kratom vendors available online, in Canada and the US, so you can have your pick of the lot. You can choose your vendor based on location, product quality testing, delivery time and even the range of products they have available. Here are the best places to buy Kratom.

The Best Kratom Vendors Online

If you want to save yourself the trouble of hunting down that one shop that sells Kratom in your locality, then the internet is here to rescue you. The only problem is that there is an endless number of Kratom vendors to choose from so simply Googling “buy Kratom online” might not give you the assurance you need even if you find a good source. To simplify things, we’ve listed below the top three online vendors for Kratom. They are:

The Canada Kratom Store

This online store is decidedly the best Kratom store in Canada. The Canada Kratom Store began as Toronto Kratom, and much like their name, eventually, they expanded and now provide shipping of their product from Toronto and Vancouver, where they have opened a second store, to all over Canada. They are well known for maintaining high-quality products from the best Canadian Kratom available, all sourced from partnered farms in Indonesia. Despite sourcing their product from a single country, the number of farms maintained is great and they carry a wide range and variety of products at reasonable prices. All of their products are quality tested in a lab and the results made available. They also offer numerous bulk deals and many other discounts and coupons are available. They ship their products relatively quickly, between 2-7 days, and adequately package them. They are especially well known for their great customer service, easy chat options, and proper post-purchase follow-up.

Kay Botanicals

Kay Botanicals is a well-known Kratom vendor operating out of the USA that specializes in high quality, top-grade pure Kratom powder, and Kratom extract. This vendor is ideal if you’re new to the world of Kratom as all the products listed for sale are also accompanied by information of Kratom, its uses, and its effects. This website is further linked to a Gazette managed by the owner of the store, which contains numerous topic-specific articles on Kratom use and even the possible uses of other herbal supplements like turmeric. This store has also become popular due to their diligent standard of checks and balances concerning the quality of their product, ensuring that each product is tested for nearly 20 different possible pathogens, toxins or impurities. Details regarding the tests performed and their results are freely available on the website. This retailer also doubles as a wholesale supplier, providing bulk quantities of Kratom for other retailers and independent customers alike, starting with the supply of 10 kgs up to and beyond 100kgs.

Golden Monk Kratom

This is a store operating out of Canada that has been serving the whole country high-quality premium Kratom since 2016, though their affiliated companies have been operating in the US since 2012. Even though this store specializes in the sale of only Kratom powder, the variety of strains and colors they have available is truly incredible, and the website layout is made for easy access and convenience in choosing your product. Unlike many other online vendors, this site offers free shipping, as well as priority shipping offers and same-day shipping, though they follow strict timings for the same. This website also contains several testimonials from customers regarding their products and maintains articles on different areas of Kratom, from its origin and early uses to possible side-effects and how they can be combated. Golden Monk Kratom also has a 30-day offer for 100% satisfaction or a money-back guarantee. One interesting thing about this particular online vendor is that their website also gives details on how they process the Kratom before testing as well as after. Golden Monk Kratom offers 100% organic high-quality product for competitive prices.

Top Places To Buy Kratom In Canada

If you’re looking to purchase Kratom but keep it in-house, many great Kratom vendors offer premium quality Kratom that is owned and operated in Canada. We are here to give you some details about the products they sell and the quality of their service as well. Most of them are reasonably priced and offer numerous discounts and coupons as well as deals for same-day shipping. The best Kratom vendors in Canada are:

The Canada Kratom Store

This store offers free shipping and same-day shipping and has an amazing range of products that have been incorporated into the design of the website to make choosing the product you want easier. The Kratom powders are categorized based on type, that is, white Kratoms listed together, green Kratoms listed together. This allows you to toggle through the strains available effortlessly. They offer Red, White and Green Maeng Da, as well as Red and Gold Bali Kratom. They also offer different types of Hulu Kapuas Kratom and Vietnam, Thai and Borneo strains. One of their more potent products is the 50X Black Diamond Kratom extract, 1 kg of which is derived from the processed extract of 50 kgs. Since this store specializes in a range of Kratom products, they also offer a sample pack whereby the user can select the 5 strains they want to sample 1 ounce of, that is, 28 grams. They also offer a 500 gram and 1kg variety pack, each with 4 strains, again selected by the user.

Golden Monk Kratom

The Golden Monk Kratom website is packed with information on the products and general facts about Kratom use. Their customer service is also quick and efficient. Like the Canada Kratom Store, this vendor also specializes in variety, though they list their products according to the strain. The strains they have available are Bali, Borneo, Maeng Da, Indo, Malay, Thai, and Kapuas Kratom. They offer all three colors of Borneo, Maeng Da, and Kapuas Kratom, along with Super Green Malay Kratom and Red Bali Kratom. They also offer a Beginner’s Pack and a Sample Pack that allows the customer to select the strains of their choice. They also offer similar selective packages in larger quantities like 500 grams and 1 kg.

Divine Shaman

This store is the brainchild of the combined efforts of the UK and Canada, arising from the need for a premier UK based store for all range of ethnobotanics, while also giving Canadians everywhere the freedom to choose the strain and quality of the Kratom they wish to enjoy. They only purchase their products in small but frequent amounts which ensures a constant supply of the freshest Kratom available. They also offer the prospect of bagging Kratom in specified quantities on demand, allowing them to offer a wide range of weights of different strains of Kratom. Divine Shaman also has a green thumb, so this website is perfect for the eco-friendly users out there. All packaging used for their products is recyclable, however, this also means that the packaging is very simple and has been dubbed as “unprofessional” by some. They are also participants in a tree-planting project to reduce their carbon emissions, by having one tree planted for every $10 that customers spend on their products. They also offer same-day shipping if the order is placed by a specified time. For nationwide sales, products are usually delivered within one week. They have over thirty different strains available, including but not limited to Kuat Malay, Pattani Thai, Riau, Kali, Bentuangie, and Bali. They also offer pure Kratom extracts and customized Kratom variety packs, ranging up to 1 kg. They specialize in products from numerous different plants (not limited to Kratom alone) and provide quality testing for all their products. However, they don’t properly specify what their farming and extracting processes are. Like the Golden Monk Kratom store, they also offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Arena Ethnobotanicals

This establishment, based out of Del Mar, Canada, is one of the best ethnobotanical companies in the world, started with a single-minded goal of providing high-quality products to customers across the globe. This vendor sells products made from a variety of herbs and herbal extracts. The customer service is efficient and helpful, and delivery is usually quite speedy. But one of the main attractions of Arena Ethnobotanicals is that their products are 100% organic and extracted through completely natural processes. Their stock includes (but is not limited to) Vitality Herbs like capsuled forms of chamomile and turmeric, as well as products of Kanna, wild dagga, kava kava, dream herbs, and Kratom. Their Kratom products are limited to only a few and are a combination of Kratom capsules and Kratom powders, specifically Premium Thai, Premium Bali, and Maeng Da, as well as the mixed strain Kali Maeng Da. This is the perfect vendor if you’re looking for completely organic high-quality Kratom, and they can also be contacted for bulk purchases of high-quality organic Kratom.

Canada Kratom Express

Canada Kratom Express, based out of Vancouver, Canada, is one of the more informative websites and maintains a blog carefully following all news stories on Kratom, ranging from scientific research on the efficacy of Kratom to efforts raised by people involved in the trade of Kratom. They have a wide range of products, categorized by strain, which is mainly Maeng Da, Bali, Borneo, and Hulu Kalimantan, and vein color, namely Red, White, Yellow, Gold, and Green. They also have a few rarer strains like Green Elephant and Gold Bali and more potent extracts like Super Red Maeng Da and Super Green Malay. With a starting cost of CAD$8.99 for 25grams of any of the selected strains, their prices are quite reasonable, and they offer same-day regional shipping. Custom variety packs are available for 1 kg of either ordinary or super strains, as well as a medium sample pack of 400grams and a custom sample pack of 25 grams each of 5 varieties for only CAD$45. Bulk purchases are also available for orders of 5kgs and upwards.

Galactic Botanicals

As the tagline of the website says, this company offers high-quality herbs shipped from Canada, and ships exclusively to Canada. Red, green and white strains are available on this website, including Maeng Da, Riau, and Sumatra, among others. This store also specializes in blends of the different types of Kratom, and even stock new blends for different events, like their Christmas blend of white, green and red vein leaves. They also offer a blend of the Kratom stem and vein. The prices are slightly on the higher side averaging around $15 for 30 gms, but for certain strains quite worth it. This vendor has an interesting feature that allows you to purchase a gift certificate for this store to a recipient of your choice. This site also sells other herbs like Basil and Lavender in larger quantities. They offer national express delivery within 1-3 days at a flat rate which is what makes this vendor so appealing. Free expedited shipping is available for bulk orders of purchases over $500 and has a service that allows the customer to track the shipping of their order.

Kratom Source

This company based out of Montreal sources its Kratom from suppliers in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and check each source for any possible pathogens and impurities, working hand in hand with their suppliers. They specialize in pure 100% organic Kratom derived through natural processes. This vendor maintains the high standard and quality of Kratom as the vendors previously listed, According to customer reviews, their customer service is extremely efficient and they can be contacted for bulk purchases or general queries. This company ships to Canada and the US.

Kratom Active

Known for its premium high-quality Kratom, this company is one of the most trusted Kratom vendors in North America. They are based out of Vancouver and client reviews say they have great customer service as well. All of their products are organically sourced and sustainably harvested, but what makes them truly unique is their method of drying the Kratom, which was selected to best maintain the alkaloid content of the strain, keeping the potency of each strain intact. Selling 25 grams of Gold Bali at $10, most of the products sold by this vendor are reasonably priced, and they also offer custom sample packs of 400 grams at $104. For more potency, 30:1 and 50:1 pure Kratom extracts are also available in quantities of 10 grams per purchase.

Kratom Vendors: If you can’t find the best vendors online Canada, then you can look out here

If you can’t quite find the Kratom vendor that suits your needs online in Canada, we’ve compiled a list of other trusted sources for high-quality Kratom, operating out of the US among other locations. Some vendors you can check out are :

Kay Botanicals

Kay Botanicals is one website that has been building the momentum of late. Founded with the hope to help people everywhere reap the benefits of Kratom use conveniently, this company is expanding rapidly and now has a client base of over 10000 customers. Their products are sourced from farms all across Southeast Asia, and measures are taken to ensure the source plants are farmed cleanly and free of pesticides. Alongside a blog maintaining numerous articles on Kratom use and instructions on alternate ways of enjoying Kratom, this site specializes in the sale of high quality and a wide variety of Kratom powders. Kay Botanicals also offers premium quality Kratom for sale in bulk, as well as pre-determined beginner packs, sample packs and variety packs to allow you to try all the strains of your choice.

Kraken Kratom

With a colorful and extremely aesthetic design for their website, Kraken Kratom offers streamlined and quick shopping options for the user’s convenience. They carry a range of products, namely Kratom powder and Kratom capsules for a variety of strains and different colors, and offer great discounts and reward programs for frequent and even first time users. They also specialize in event-based marketing and often market custom strains and products. They are also one of the few vendors that sell Kratom liquid extract, as well as the equipment required for making your Kratom capsules. In that way, Kraken Kratom is the single stop shop for fulfilling any of your Kratom requirements.


If you are an experienced Kratom user, then this website could be for you. It is an ethnobotanical company selling a variety of herbal products above and beyond Kratom, though they carry a wide range of Kratom products, accessories and informative materials on Kratom. The site itself focuses on all the nuances in the medical use of plant and plant extracts. So it is no surprise that along with Kratom capsules and Kratom powder, pure Kratom extracts are also for sale on this website. Like Kraken Kratom, this vendor also sells all the necessary equipment to make your customized Kratom capsules as well as Kratom tea bags, which will enable you to make Kratom tea while on the go. They also offer incentives and discounts making their products extremely affordable.

Coastline Kratom

This website promises high-quality Kratom or your money back, guaranteed. They specialize in the sale of Kratom powders and sell different types of 5 specific strains, namely Bali Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, Borneo Kratom, Horned Kratom, and Malay Kratom. You can even purchase live Kratom plants from their site. Approach their team members with your queries, the customer support is usually prompt in their replies.

Authentic Kratom

This website offers 16 different varieties of Kratom products, like powders, capsules, and extracts. All their products are in keeping with their name, that is to say, 100% authentic and 100% organic. They even have an advanced search catalog to make browsing through their online store easier for you. Their products are high quality, and they have a heavy focus on health and wellness lifestyle, breeding and selling preferred strains that are ideal either for relaxing or forgetting that burst of energy to push through a task. Their customer service is helpful and readily answers all queries.

Forms of Kratom You Can Purchase in Canada

Kratom is usually available in the form of powders and capsules, though some vendors also sell extracts, liquid extracts, and even Kratom tea.

Kratom Powder

As the name would suggest, it is then processed and powdered form of the dried leaves from the Kratom plant. The leaves of these plants are carefully dried, during the process of which the leaves develop the color that is often used to identify the type of Kratom being consumed, and the dried leaves are then ground into a fine powder. This powder is to be consumed in small doses, 1-6 grams at the highest, and because of its bitter taste, many users prefer to ingest it alongside food or liquid or even mix it into the food or liquid item.

Kratom Capsules

These are small tablets, that can be made out of gelatin or veggie extract or other consumable materials, and contain predetermined specified doses of the selected Kratom powder. This form of consumption is perfect for the regular Kratom user who is always on the move and knows what his prescribed dosage is. If Kratom capsules aren’t available in the strain you prefer, empty capsules and a stand can be purchased so you can measure and make your Kratom capsules with the Kratom powder of the strain of your choice.

Kratom Extract

Whether in the form of leafy extract, tinctures or even liquid extracts, Kratom extracts are high in potency, requiring smaller doses than even Kratom powder and careful use. But they provide more convenience and effectiveness in terms of the benefits derived from their effects.

Kratom Tea

Instead of mixing Kratom powder with food or smoothies or milkshakes, many people are opting to purchase Kratom tea or make Kratom tea of their own from the strain of their choice. Because the leaves of the Kratom plants are essentially boiled and extracted through the brewing process, the Kratom in the tea is both extremely pure and extremely potent.

FAQ About Buying Kratom

Can I Consume Kratom?

Because of the research still being done on this herb, there is still some risk in consuming Kratom in high doses, which is why both the DEA and FDA of the US are seeking to make Kratom a scheduled drug. It is for this same reason that most vendors will also not responsible if a query regarding consumption of Kratom is asked and may even cancel your order. Kratom can be consumed but with great caution and keeping in mind that as a psychoactive substance, results can vary from person to person.

How Do I Find the Best Kratom Vendor?

If you’ve gone through multiple sites and can’t figure out which vendor is better, it helps to check all the information they have available on the sites. This includes blog posts, to see the kind of information they are giving their customers as well as on the quality control tests they perform and the methods they use for harvesting, which any trusted vendor will be upfront about. Another way to check the reliability of a vendor is to search for reviews of that vendor and see how the majority felt.

Why Is It So Difficult To Find Kratom Capsules In Canada?

Because the Health ministry of Canada has not yet approved the use of Kratom for consumption, producing and marketing Kratom as a herbal drug or supplement could be risky. The use of a capsule implied a medicinal benefit and definite consumption which would put both the user and the vendor at risk.

Why Do I Need Vendors in the US when Canada has Better Ones?

The simplest reason would be if you cannot find the particular type or strain of Kratom that you are looking for. Chances are another retailer in the US that might have it available. But more than that, evidence points towards the payment process which has currently become very difficult in Canada, with all credit card payments of Canadian sites being frozen, because insurance and guarantees cannot be offered on the purchase of herbs. In the US, purchasing is made easiest through the use of bitcoin.

What To Look At When Buying Kratom Online

Before you start shopping for Kratom, first you have to shop for Kratom vendors. This can be difficult because it’s tough to determine which vendors are trustworthy and which vendors have the best quality product. Here are a few things you can look for on the various vendor’s websites when trying to determine where to buy your Kratom.

Quality Control

Most trusted vendors offer some details, if not all, regarding how they check for the high quality of their product. These vendors usually have tie-ups with local labs so they can test the alkaloid content of the product, and thereby the potency, and test for pesticides, herbicides, fungus and even pathogens like salmonella. If this site has no mention of quality testing, it might be time to change to a different site.

Harvesting process

This includes two major aspects of harvesting: Where and How? Different climatic and soil conditions lead to different strains of Kratom being grown. But similarly, inhospitable weather and environmental conditions can degrade the quality of the plant. This is why it is important to know where the product is coming from. Beyond that, the process of harvesting also needs to be done cleanly, and most vendors take the added care to ensure their farmers are not using any pesticides or chemical additives.

Kratom Specific v Eco-Botanical

While Eco-botanical websites, which contain many different varieties of herbs in general and their products, can have some amazing Kratom products available, by and large, the best product and targeted customer support systems have all been a part of Kratom-specific companies, as they are most familiar with the product and its ins and outs.


Canada has several high quality and well-equipped Kratom vendors, though difficulties in purchasing may still arise due to the questions raised by various scientific and political bodies like Canada Health and the US FDA. We hope, however, that these guidelines will help you to better select the vendor of your choice, and that these reviews give you a clearer idea of what to look for in a trusted vendor. You can always start your search with our suggested vendors and work your way through the web to find the vendor that has the product you want.  Other than the above-listed Kratom vendors, you can find top kratom vendors list from many reputed Kratom vendor review websites. To be on the safe side, always make your first purchase in a small quantity so you can test a very low dose of the product to check its quality, before making any further orders. We hope this review helps you in your pursuit of a wellness lifestyle!