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  • November 13, 2019

Best Kratom vendors in the US

Best Places To Buy Kratom Online in the US: Reviews & Guide

Kratom is known to provide a lot of medical benefits to its customers that more people have embraced this herb to get rid of the stress and improve wellness and overall health. Kratom is used for a variety of purposes ranging from increased energy levels, pain management and much more. In fact, Kratom has become a very preferred alternative supplement over various chemical drugs and other medications known to treat people suffering from depression, anxiety, and insomnia. This herb was first found to have originated in the Southeast Asian countries, where the natives and local tribes recognized the amazing properties of the herb and made use of it in various forms for treatment and therapy procedures.

The natives usually chewed on these leaves or made teas with the leaves to enjoy the benefits. But times have changed and the very Kratom is now available in the form of powder, extracts, capsules, tinctures, resins and much more. The offline shops for Kratom are a gone story now and all you could see now is an array of online Kratom shops that sell high-quality products to their customers. But buying Kratom depends on how experienced you are with this herb. If you are pretty much new to this supplement herb, then you will have to do a lot of research before you bank upon a particular Kratom vendor for your purchase. 

With only a few states in the US maintaining Kratom shops worldwide, it will not be a very tough scenario to end up with a trusted vendor for your purchase. However, you might have certain fears when it comes to choosing one from the lot. But to make your work easier, we have generated this list for you so that you can have an idea about the best Kratom vendors online in the market today. Some of the best places to buy Kratom have been listed below. You can just choose one based on your preferred location, quality and the guarantee they provide for the wide range of products.

Best Kratom vendors online

The Internet is always a good place since it rescues from any trouble of finding that one Kratom shop for your purchase. The only problem is that there are many Kratom vendors out there and just Googling the best vendor will not help you land on the right page. Hence, for these reasons, we have analyzed all the positives and negatives to come up with the top three online vendors for Kratom.

Kay Botanicals

Kay Botanicals is one of the very well known Kratom vendors operating from the Florida region in the US. They are known for their top quality products which score high in both quality and quantity. Kay Botanicals can be a great choice if you are just new to the Kratom world. This is because all their products come up with pristine information on Kratom products, uses and effects. The website even holds a gazette that is being managed by the store providing various articles and information on top Kratom products, its use, and other important aspects.

Kay Botanicals are very popular in the market due to their commitment to providing safe and quality Kratom, due to which they test their products regularly at third-party labs. Kay Botanicals offers more than 20 varieties of products in the form of Kratom powder, capsules, soap, teas, sample packs, and several other items. They have even furnished information on the lab tests and results on their site. You can also make bulk purchases at Kay Botanicals while they have amazing monthly offers for the products that have been placed at reasonable prices.

Golden Monk Kratom

This store is very much popular out there due to the name it has created for itself. It operates in the US out of the US premises and they have been in this business since the year 2012. This store is known for its sale of the Kratom powder alone but the kind of variety and the texture they exhibit with their products are definitely worth mentioning. It is even more incredible that the website layout is very simple and convenient for users to access and choose their products. Apart from these features, this store offers free shipping procedures and also priority shipping privileges like same-day shipping to add it up to the joy of the customers.

The website also comprises of so many testimonials and different articles that could be very useful for the customers to come up with a decision. The articles also contain information on how these Kratom products could be used efficiently without much confusion and complication. Golden Monk Kratom also provides return policies and a money back guarantee policy to its customers within 30 days. The best aspect of Gold Monk Kratom is that they provide complete information on how they process their products before testing and also after the testing procedure.

Authentic Kratom

Authentic Kratom is one of the top contenders in the race of trustworthy Kratom vendors. This particular site provides a wide array of Kratom products like powders, capsules, extracts, and others. As their name says, the products are 100% authentic and organic. They boast of an advanced search catalog where the browsing process is made much simpler and easier for the customers. Apart from the high-quality Products at Authentic Kratom, most of their strains are focussed on health, wellness, lifestyle, relaxation, and other such aspects. Also, the customer service is wonderful and they tend to answer all the questions of their customers.

Top places to buy Kratom in the US

Kay Botanicals

Kay Botanicals is definitely one of the sites that have been in the momentum off late. Kay Botanicals was created with the hope to make Kratom available to everyone out there so that they could reap the benefits of the herb conveniently. The client base of this particular Kratom vendor looks like it is growing all the more to broader territories They source their raw materials and products from the authentic farms of Southeast Asian and they make sure it is free of pesticides.

Apart from the numerous articles on Kratom and the instructions on effective usage, this website is known for its high-quality Kratom powder products. They also showcase their own set of premium products for bulk purchases. Beginner packs and sample packs are an added attraction to the amazing feature of this trustworthy vendor.

Kraken Kratom

The website of this vendor has been designed in a colorful and aesthetic way so that the purchase is streamlined for efficient and faster shopping procedures. The list contains a wide variety of Kratom products namely Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, extracts and much more. The great discounts and the reward programs even for first-time buyers is an added advantage. They also come under the list of one of the fewest vendors that sell Kratom in the liquid extract form and also the whole set up to make Kratom capsules. In a way, Kraken Kratom can be considered as a single stop to fulfill all your Kratom requirements.


This vendor is mostly suited for experienced Kratom users since it is an ethnobotanical company that sells a lot of herbal products to its customers. The wide range of Kratom products, accessories and other information is definitely commendable. The site as its name suggests focuses more on the extracts and its creation. They follow all necessary nuances to make sure that the extracts are in great shape and along with that they also sell the necessary equipment to make your own Kratom tea bags and capsules. Also, the offers, incentives, and discounts make it much merrier for customers to shop at this site.

Coastline Kratom

This website guarantees high-quality Kratom to its customers and even gives the money back if the customers are not satisfied. They focus mainly on the sale of Kratom powders where their strain collection includes Bali Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, Borneo Kratom, and Malay Kratom. Their customer service is the most effective than other vendors.

If you can’t find the best Kratom vendors in the US, then you can look for the ones here.

If you can’t really find the best suitor who meets all your needs and requirements in the US, then we have made up a list of trusted sources in Canada, from whom you can make your purchases at considerable costs. Some of the best Kratom vendors in Canada have been given below.

The Canada Kratom store

This vendor is known for its free shipping procedures and same-day shipping privileges with some amazing range of products in its capacity. The website design by itself is so flawless and makes people choose their products very easily without much of a hassle. The Kratom powders here at this site are categorized based on the type and they are listed together and hence the shopping experience is just enhanced beyond any doubt. Some of the strains that they offer are Red, White, Green and Gold Kratom.

They also provide Borneo, Maeng Da and Bali varieties to their customers. One of their best products is the Black Diamond Kratom extract. Apart from the sample packs, they also provide 500gram and 1kg variety packs to their customers which can be selected based on preference.

Golden Monk Kratom

The Golden Monk Kratom also operates outside the US in the Canadian region making the experience of the customers very quickly and all the more efficient. This vendor also makes sure they provide the best lot of strains to their customers no matter what. Some of the strains that are available here are Bali, Borneo, Maeng Da, Malay, and Thai. Also, the beginner’s pack and the sample packs allow all the users to select their preferred Kratom in respective quantities like 500g and 1Kg.

Divine Shaman

This store has been created by the joint efforts of the UK and the Canadian Kratom stores as a premier UK store for all range of ethnobotanical materials. They do not store bulk quantities of their products but their products are sold off very quickly meeting all the demands of the people. They sport a green thumb icon which means that the store is a perfect eco-friendly store.

The packaging procedure is usually recyclable with only such products used in the process. What they have in store is the same day shipping policy and for worldwide sales, their products are usually delivered in a week or so. With more than thirty different strains available at them, the quantity they offer to their customers goes up to 1 Kg. They also come with the money back policy though their extracting procedures are not revealed to the public.

Arena ethnobotanicals

This office is based out of the Canadian region and they have grown up to become one of the best ethnobotanical establishments in the world. They are completely organic and they are extracted by natural means. The arena is the best vendor if you are looking out for some good organic high-quality Kratom even in bulk quantities.

Kratom source

This vendor is from the Montreal region and they get their supplies from Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysian regions. They employ natural processes to derive 100% organic Kratom. With some efficient customer services, you can always make any bulk purchases here and also for any form of general inquiry. This vendor ships all its products to the Canadian and US region.

Kratom active

Known to be one of the most trusted Kratom vendors, they ship their products to the US regions. They have some amazing customer service and source their products very organically in a natural way. They put in great efforts to make sure that the alkaloid content contained in the products is extended to maximum limits. What really stands out is the way by which they dry their Kratom.

Forms of Kratom for purchase in the US

Kratom is available in many forms in the US and some of the common forms for consumption have been given below.

Kratom Powder

As the name suggests, Kratom powder is manufactured by processing the powdered form of the Kratom plant leaves. The leaves are carefully picked after harvest and then it is dried before it is grounded into a fine powder. The powder then can be taken up in small doses but most people prefer other ways to consume it due to the bitter taste. Some people tend to mix the powder with food or even liquid to get rid of the bitter tinge.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are small tablets made out of gelatin or veggie extracts with specified doses contained in the capsules. This is the most preferred form of consumption for most users due to the taste. However, if the perfect Kratom dosage for you is not available, then you can buy the stand equipment and then measure your own dosage and then fill the capsules.

Kratom Extract

Kratom extracts are made from the Kratom leaf where the leaves are strained and the liquid that is obtained from the process is called Kratom extract. Kratom extracts are high in potency, due to which you will have to take in only limited doses of extracts for the careful use of the products.

Kratom Tea

Mixing Kratom powder with smoothies or milkshakes can again be a burden for some due to which some people prefer Kratom tea based on the preferred strain of their choice. A brewing process is followed after which potent Kratom tea is prepared.

A FAQ on buying Kratom

Can I use Kratom?

Though the research on Kratom herb is still underway, there are certain risks if the herb is taken in very high doses. This is the main reason why the FDA and the DEA are so bent upon bringing a ban on Kratom. This is why some of the Kratom vendors might not even answer your queries and might also initiate a canceling request on your order. Kratom is definitely beneficial for health if it is taken in limited quantities with great care.

How to find the best Kratom vendor?

In order to find the best Kratom vendor, you will have to go through various other sites and even check the information on these sites for better use. It could be blogs or any other information on lab tests, harvests and much more. The best way to check the authenticity of the Kratom vendors is to check all the reviews and then understanding how most users felt about that vendor.

Why is it so difficult to find Kratom in some places in the US?

It is due to the legislation and laws in some of the States in the US, where the herb has been banned for marketing and use.

What to look for while buying Kratom online?

Before you set out to buy Kratom online, it is important to look out for trustworthy and reliable Kratom vendors. It is indeed to tough to determine which vendors would meet your needs and would be good for you. However, there are some factors you could look for while you set out to choose the place to buy your Kratom.

Quality Control

Most vendors provide crucial information on how they check their products for quality and safety. Some of the vendors usually associate with some third-party labs to test the alkaloid content, pesticide level, herbicide level and also a routine check for other pathogens. If a site has no information on these, you can proceed to check other vendors.

The process of Harvest

The process of harvesting usually includes two main aspects. It is important to understand how and where it is done. Changes in the climatic and soil conditions can lead to the growth of different Kratom strains. Weather and some environmental conditions can change the quality of the plant. Hence, it is very much important to know how the plant is harvested. Most vendors are also particular about farmers not using pesticides and chemicals during farming.

Kratom specific vs Eco-Botanical

Most of the Eco-botanical websites contain many varieties of herbal products and can also include Kratom products in their collection. However, the Kratom specific vendors target the specific customers and they are more familiar with Kratom products than the botanicals.


The US has several Kratom vendors who might be trustworthy and reliable. However, when it comes to purchasing products, you might come up with specific questions and bodies like the FDA keep digging into the scientific evidence for the efficiency of Kratom. But you can always follow the above points and talk to experienced Kratom users to make a note of the suggested vendors so that you can choose the one you want.

Other than the list provided by us, you can also search for other top vendors on the Internet. A small tip for you to be on the safe side, make sure to purchase Kratom in smaller quantities in the beginning so that you could make a thorough check of the quality and the dosage provided to you. We wish you regain your wellness or enhance it with the help of your reviews.

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