Cookie Policy

Cookies are fragments of text which are sent to your web browser by the website you wish to visit. Cookie basically stored in a web browser and allows the service provider or the third party to identify you so that your next visit to the website is recognized to have a better service or customized service can be given by the service provider.

In two ways cookies policy be used, it is persistent and session cookie .persistent cookie, as the function relies on the name itself, it will remain in your personal computer or your mobile when you are offline but the session cookies remains only when you are online, as soon as you switch off your website it will disappear.

In a number of ways we can use and access the service of cookie, as we can place the number of cookie file on your web browser

Cookies can be used for the following purposes;

  1. To enable certain functions in the service
  2. To provide analytical assistance.
  3. for storing your choice of preference
  4. To enable advertisement delivery, including behavioral advertising.

We can use both persistent and service on the service, but while providing or running a service, we use a different type of service

  1. Essential cookie: fraudulent use of the account can be monitored through these cookie and authentication of the user can be identified through this cookie.
  2. Preference cookie: for remembering information that changes the way the service is presentable to the user such as “remember me” functionality of the user who is registered or a preferred user language
  3. Analytics cookie: we can use analytical cookies for tracking information that can change the way the service behave or used and this can help in improving the service .it may also help in checking the new advertisement or pages or features or functionality with that can check how it responds to the user
  4. Advertising cookies: these type of cookies helps in delivering advertisements on and through the service and helps in tracking the performance of the advertisement. These cookies also help in identifying unauthorized or third party advertisements that may relevant to you based upon your interest or activity.

Third party cookie

We may use a third-party cookie in addition to our own cookie. For reporting usage statistics of the service or delivering advertisement on and through the service

What is your take in using cookies?

if you likely to delete or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse the cookie, please do visit our help pages of your web browser.

Please note, however, if you delete cookies or refuse to accept a cookie, you might unable to access all the service that we are updating or offering you timely. You might unable to store your choice of preference and some of our pages will not be displayed or behave properly.