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  • February 4, 2019

Kay Botanicals Review for 2019

If you are someone who is addicted to Kratom due to its amazing benefits, then what comes to your mind first when you set out to purchase Kratom? Let me guess. Discount? Offer? Well, we all aim at experiencing the amazing benefits of Kratom at low prices. But can quality be guaranteed at low prices? To start off, let’s make it a point that you don’t compromise on the quality of Kratom products for the sake of offers and other rewards. Quality must always be your top priority and that is what Kay Botanicals strives to offer to its customers at affordable prices. Before we proceed into the product reviews for 2019, a brief description of the company will make things clear on the mission and vision related to Kratom.

Kay Botanicals

We all know that Kratom is a special herb belonging to the Rubiaceae family. Kratom is one among the 13,500 species which has a significant history related to its medicinal benefits. Even in the past, it has always been used by natives for its various therapeutic and recreational properties. Having studied the plant deeply and scientifically, Kay Botanicals wanted to bring this plant to every people who yearn for effects related to pain relief, mood improvement and to promote overall health. If you are excited about Kratom, then Kay Botanicals is all the more committed to working towards that vision to sustain your healthy lifestyle. The Kratom leaves are all completely natural, pure and selected personally by the indigenous farmers of Southeast Asia. With a mission towards ethical harvesting and lab testing, Kay Botanicals provides 100% satisfaction to the Kratom community that is concerned about wellness.

Our Products

Kay Botanicals offers a wide range of Kratom products to satisfy every need and requirements of the customers.

Kratom Powder

The Kratom powder, at Kay Botanicals, is produced by testing each strain for quality and cleanliness. The leaves are harvested based on the maturity and potency of the alkaloids contained in them. The different strains of Kratom powder are available here with the weight starting from one ounce up to 500 grams and more. You can also place bulk orders, which can be shipped in a single day.

User Review

I have always been cautious about the purchase of Kratom products after one dreadful encounter. A seller duped me with a fake Kratom product by luring me with an attractive offer. Since then, I have stopped purchasing Kratom products online. However, one of my friends suggested Kay Botanicals to me. Initially, I was skeptical about this particular seller. But my chronic pain forced me to opt for it. I made my mind to try a small quantity of the Maeng Da strain at Kay Botanicals. I was actually happy that I made a good choice. The effects were quite remarkable, which speaks for the quality that they maintain. And well, long-lasting benefits at affordable prices. It has been more than a year and I have been regularly buying my favorite Kratom from them.

Mode of Consumption

Kratom powder can be consumed by tossing it into the mouth and then washing it off with water. Or else you could brew it with tea or mix it with a milkshake or a smoothie for a delicious treat. For beginners, it is better to start with 2 grams per day and maybe with time, you could upgrade the dosage as per your desire.

Final Verdict

Cheer louder with Kay Botanicals Kratom powder.

Kratom extract

Kratom extracts are concentrated forms of the Kratom powder. They tend to exhibit higher potency even in low quantities. It is produced through simple ways but is effective due to the efforts concentrated on the extraction of the most powerful alkaloids. This property makes it a huge hit with the customers of Kay Botanicals. The x-factor of extracts is available even up to 50, including various strains of Kratom.

User Review

What makes them quite different is they tend to share the immense knowledge they have on Kratom. This knowledge sharing process helps a customer like me to feel safe and protected. It is even delightful to understand that they have nothing to hide. With exceptional customer service, the extracts they offer are quite potent and safe. I have been suffering from depression for quite some time and their extracts help me relax and keep me calm throughout the day.

Mode of Consumption

Kratom extracts need to be consumed with the help of a squeeze. You will have to fill in the squeezer and squeeze two drops under your tongue. You shouldn’t swallow it immediately and rather suck it out in gradual steps for increased absorption.

Final Verdict

Very reliable.

Kratom soap

Kay Botanicals didn’t want the medicinal properties of Kratom to stop with its action inside the body; hence, it has made an effort to bring it into the cosmetic industry after extensive research. One of the alkaloids in Kratom plays a major role in repairing the skin cells due to its anti-oxidant property. This specific effect has been used to produce soaps through a natural process.

User Review

I have used a wide variety of soaps since my skin is pretty sensitive. However, I ended up with quite a number of rashes and allergies. It was then I wanted to try something very different. One of my friends is a Kratom user and he suggested this new range of Kratom soaps to me. I didn’t buy his words at the very first time. I researched a lot about Kratom and then came to understand how it could prove to be a path-breaking choice, given the number of naturally occurring compounds in it. It was quite expensive but I can understand the pricing since they have been launched recently. There were no major developments within 3 weeks of usage. However, after a few weeks, I realized Kratom soap adapted to my sensitive skin and worked well without any side effects. I am yet to confront other effects of this soap but am satisfied at the moment.

Final Verdict

A refreshing alternative to the chemical soaps.

Kratom tea Packs

Kratom tea packs are newest arrivals at Kay botanicals to facilitate the ease of Kratom consumption. The tea packs come in different sizes and you will have to immerse it in hot water to enjoy a lip-smacking Kratom tea.

User review

I love Kratom but not that bitter taste. I normally don’t feel like eating once I have experienced the unpleasant bitter taste of Kratom. Also, I have no time to prepare tea or smoothie with Kratom. It is then I heard about Kratom tea packs. It made my job easier and now I crave for the delicious Kratom tea every morning. Thanks to Kay Botanicals.

Final Verdict

The best pack for a pleasant morning vibe.

Turmeric Products

At Kay Botanicals, along with the benefits of Kratom, the positive effects of spiking Kratom with turmeric have always been discussed. However, the individual effects of turmeric alone are so splendid that every single person out there should add this supplement to their diet. It is available in the form of ready to ingest capsules that could work wonders on your body.

User Review

Having purchased Kratom at Kay Botanicals, I have always wondered about the turmeric products available at their store. It made me so inquisitive that I decided to study what turmeric could do. I was astonished to learn about the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of turmeric. The important compound called curcumin has helped me a lot with healing and has also promoted body wellness in the best way possible.

Final Verdict

Much needed supplement.

Hence, you would have acquired enough ideas on the Kratom products available at Kay Botanicals. If you are all the more excited already, buy Kratom from Kay Botanicals can turn out to be the best place to start your Kratom adventure.

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