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  • February 6, 2019

Phytoextractum Review in 2019

It makes me very happy to see the developments with respect to Kratom in the circle that comprises both the sellers and customers. A person getting educated about Kratom and its products is an important step towards significant awareness of the special herb. On one side, Kratom’s popularity is hitting the skies like a skyscraper. On the other hand, we get to see a number of fake Kratom sellers, maligning the name of the whole Kratom community. It is hard today to trust a Kratom vendor on the very first glance.

They tend to impress us on many levels in order to gain our trust. However, after the first two instances of purchase, their real color becomes evident. Most fake sellers woo people in the name of discounts and offers. Hence, I always recommend people to read a lot of reviews and conduct extensive research in order to stay careful with these money minded sellers. The users can also be blamed since they give more importance to price over quality. To help you to an extent, here is a review of one of the most reliable Kratom vendors out there. Before we get into it, let’s deeply understand the background of this particular seller.


Phytoextractum is quite popular in the Kratom circle due to the massive research and development processes they initiate in the field of Kratom. They specialize in the extracts front, coming up with new products every now and then. While they focus on top-notch quality, they are very much ready to accept any form of criticism, which can help them improve the way they sell Kratom. So, they always place customer satisfaction at the top, due to which they have turned out to be as reliable as they are now.

The best thing about them is that they are completely transparent and tend to provide information on the development and production processes of their products. With a wide range of products under their roof, Phytoextractum is an exciting place for users who aim to enjoy discounts along with Kratom products that are worthy enough.

Kratom Tea Extracts

As mentioned earlier, Phytoextractum excels in the products of extracts and the best part is that they work on fusion products and come up with new extracts that are really worth the price. The description on their extracts provides complete information on the alkaloid composition and also they provide you with complete data on the development and testing procedures. Their popular extracts are the Gold varieties, which in fact constitutes a huge fan base. Their tea extracts boast of a different combination, blended with perfection for phenomenal effects.


Having used Kratom powder for more than a year, my close friends suggested me to try Kratom tea extracts. I researched immediately about it and was so excited to understand that the extracts tend to have a higher concentration than the normal powder even at smaller quantities. Whoa!! My pockets won’t become light from now on is what I thought. However, contrary to my expectations, very commonly known extracts were available at exorbitant prices at most vendors. That was when my senses got to know a company called Phytoextractum. I was already bowled out be their name, which is so closely associated with extracts.

And when I got to know the varieties they provide, I knew I had already hit a jackpot. The bonus for me was that they provide full spectrum extracts along with Kratom liquid extract. Whoa!! Truly an attractive display of set pieces, they have. My favorite among their products is the Gold elite extract. It relaxes my nerves and keeps me energized for a long period of time. To be frank, I have tried extracts only with Phytoextractum and it is going to remain the same for the years to come.


With weights, ranging from 5 to 20 grams, these tea extracts are unique in their own way and it is advised that you consume them with tea in very small doses. They are more concentrated than the normal powder by volume and hence if you are a beginner, stay behind the line.


Super grade extracts at super awesome prices.

Kratom Tea Capsules

Capsules have become the convenient way of consuming Kratom nowadays, given the bitter taste. Phytoextractum offers Bali and Maeng Da Thai capsules for its customers at affordable prices. The quantity range starts from 1oz and extends till 4oz, based on the requirements of the customer. The Kratom tea capsules are measured accurately and the amount of powder that goes into the vegetable capsules is also mentioned so that the customers are completely aware of what goes into their body.

User Review

I love and hate Kratom at the same time. Well, I love Kratom for its effects and hate it due to the bitter taste. I hope many of you are with me on the bitter taste. As a Kratom lover, I felt dejected and betrayed. But once the Kratom capsules came into the market, I was the first one to cheer on the top of my voice. All my worries seemed to vanish. But for a new product on the market, it was hard to find a trustworthy seller.

I patiently stood on my grounds for someone else to try and come up with reviews that could influence my decision. However, after a point, I lost patience and went out to try the capsules available at Phytoextractum. However, what really impressed me beyond the high-quality capsules is the offers and discounts they provide. Man, you must really see it for yourself. It saves a lot of money without compromising with on quality. So, capsules are my pick any day no matter how many products evolve from Kratom.


Kratom capsules are the easiest when it comes to consumption. You just have to pop one or two into your mouth and drink water or your favorite juice to wash it off. And you are done.


The one place where convenience, quality, and prices host a party to its customers.

Kratom Tea Strainer

Phytoextractum has come up with its own tea accessories that efficiently lessen the burden of most customers out there. Under the assorted accessories, most of them are concentrated towards the preparation of Kratom tea. Since the process of preparing Kratom tea requires the needed instruments for brewing the tea perfectly; this tea strainer could be an ideal choice. Also, it’s all natural and made from real bamboo.


I am a big fan of Kratom tea. More of an addict, to be precise. However, the preparation of Kratom tea took a huge toll on me since I managed with the instruments I had at home. It was then I understood, I will have to need the right instruments and apparatus for the perfect Kratom tea. I was in need of a high-grade Kratom tea strainer and looked into all sites for relief. But it all went in vain since every strainer out there was either artificial or not trustworthy.

It was then I landed on Phytoextractum and my happiness knew no bounds when I saw they provided customize bamboo Kratom tea strainer that is completely natural. I have been using it for more than 6 months and it is so helpful to transfer the tea to my cup and also aids in the traditional tea brewing process. The dimensions are so perfect and it supports me well in the process. Happy to have bought this bamboo strainer.


The strainer is completely made out of bamboo and it goes 3’’ deep, with a rim measuring 2 and a half inches across. It is very simple to use. You will have to place the tea mug in the strainer and add hot water so that the brewing process takes place.


Much needed for a perfect early morning Kratom tea.

These are some of the products that are available at Phytoextractum, while you can visit them at your leisure to learn more about their other products and also about the services they tend to offer.

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