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  • February 6, 2019

Purkratom Review in 2019

Once you have made up your mind to purchase Kratom online, you progress on a hunting spree to find the right vendor. But isn’t that task hugely demanding and challenging, since every vendor out there has generated fake reviews for themselves. It can put you in a huge dilemma since every store out there has created a trustworthy image. The problem here is that we even start doubting the authentic stores that sell genuine high quality Kratom. Hence, some Kratom players in the game are committed towards spreading good word about the authentic stores that are reliable in the long run. Another main factor contributing towards this confusion is the one sided mindset of people who depend on offers and discounts.

Not every store which provides you with discounts can be considered as trustworthy. At the same time, not all stores that don’t provide offers and discounts can be deemed as fake. It is a very taxing situation to be frank, but you can very well overcome this scenario if you are more inclined towards quality. Here is a review on the products of one of the reliable Kratom sellers out there, Purkratom. Following up with this write-up, you will get insights on the company background and a deeper understanding on the products they sell.


Purkratom’s online store has a pretty impressive line-up with a wide range of products stacked under different categories. It possesses every single quality of a reputed Kratom seller, unlike the ones who sell only powder or a particular product form. As a testimony to this fact, they offer 20 varieties of Kratom powder, 22 varieties of Kratom capsules and other variety packs.

The authenticity of a Kratom store can be determined with their capability to bring in the rare forms of Kratom varieties and also with their ability to blend different strains in the best way possible. Purkratom succeeds under that criterion by a huge margin. With their main priority concentrated towards customer safety, they are definitely the one to look out for.

Kratom Powder

There are many sellers now to fill in the gap in the Kratom business that the market looks very much crowded at the moment. But the very fact that inexperienced sellers are also present in this very circle is undeniable. However, with Purkratom, the product range itself is damn attractive that you have no other go than to fall for them. The powder comes up in 20 varieties with red, white, green, yellow and gold strains. Their packages range from 1oz to 1 kg at moderate prices.

User Review

Having been subjected with more than 8 surgeries on my body, I have always been in the need of a particular pain killer that is better than the doctor’s prescription. After years of exploration, my quest ended with Kratom. However, I wanted a unique strain that was mild and intense at the same time. Since then, I have been trying to get my hands on the Gold strain. Though I was able to acquire it, the effects weren’t satisfactory. That is why I came across Purkratom. The wide range of products bowled me over to be frank. On top of that, they had my favorite strain, the Gold one. Though their prices are a bit over the line for me, the quality that their gold strain offers puts me in a happy zone. One year with Purkratom and more to come.


The powder is usually consumed in smaller quantities as in 2 grams, where the powder is washed off with water or fresh juice. However, some prefer to brew it with tea to get rid of the bitter taste.


Amazing product line up that will make you fall in love with Kratom like never before.

Kratom capsules

Capsules have turned out to be the most convenient way of consuming Kratom. This mode of consumption isn’t new, but it helps in many ways with Kratom. Easy to ingest, neatly packaged, helps with dosage tracking and easy to carry it on the move. PurKratom has understood this convenience so well that it provides 22 varieties of Kratom capsules to its customers. Each capsule jar comes with a fixed size, containing 500 capsules. The best part is they offer an insight into the lab results of their product line up.


Not a great fan of the Kratom powder due to several reasons and was always searching for the alternate ways to ingest it. I have researched over a lot of sites and Kratom forums. One thing that I witnessed in common is that most of the vendors out there sell very few varieties of Kratom capsules. It usually gets sold out or the strain that you look out for is unavailable with them. However, Purkratom changed the way I looked at this scenario. They had a whopping 22 varieties of Kratom capsules at their store. They just hit the bull’s eye with the very first impression. And the best part is that I found the rarest of Kratom capsules here. My respect for Purkratom has increased gradually and the only concern I have is with respect to the fixed size of capsule jars that they come up with. Nevertheless, a great product!!


Capsules are generally consumed in the way by which tablets are consumed. You will have to wash it off the water or any liquid based on your preference.


Can’t ask for anything better.

Variety Packs

Variety Packs are a great hit with the customers since PurKratom offers red, white and green strain varieties in a combination pack of 3. These packs are priced accordingly and can be a great money saver. They even have up to 15% discounts on the variety packs that are quite impressive. The variety packs have been introduced both in powder and capsules.


Being an ardent Kratom lover, I have been searching for combination packs that could really help me cut the cost and also aid in Kratom strain rotation. The variety packs at Purkratom are the best in my opinion since they have picked 3 best strains of different colors that complement the individual effects well. Also, the variety packs in both forms of powder and capsules are an added bonus.


The best product for the ones who seek Kratom adventure.

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I am genuinely I interested in your review, as I made a purchase from this company and have heard NOTHING back. They got their money and now their site is shut down, as is the email provided. I also can’t get through on a phone system. Any tips? Super disappointed :'(

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