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  • March 6, 2019

Sacred Kratom Review in 2019

Kratom experience can change the lives of many people out there. But choosing the wrong vendor can also change someone’s life in a negative way. I am someone who was on the brink of losing my life just because I got exposed to a fake vendor. Like everyone else, the greed for money picked on me and even before I could realize that I found myself in the hospital battling for my life. However, I wasn’t even able to file a case since the vendor’s website was just bogus. I then made it a point to research well on these Kratom vendors and the products. I personally spoke to many people in the Kratom community and achieved certain insights that might be profound and enlightening at the same time. I then made a list of vendors whom users out there could trust without any inhibitions. Though I initially made this list for my own purpose, I later realized this is something that the whole world needs to know due to the popularity and rising demands of Kratom. Hence, I have decided to pick one vendor from my list and provide a review on all their products so that most beginners out there get an idea of the bigger picture.

Sacred Kratom

Sacred Kratom is one of the leading vendors out there who strives at providing premium quality Kratom to their customers. They began their services only from 2013 and they have carved a niche for themselves by adhering to customer safety and high quality. Hence, their products are subjected to multiple tests and procedures that ensure that the customers are satisfied. They are one of my personal favorites just because of the time and efforts they put into the potent creation of alkaloid content in their products. They also provide free same day shipping along with the feasibility of priority shipping. The products that are lab tested are checked for contaminants, metals, harmful organisms and the alkaloid levels. For any customers who aren’t happy with the product, they provide money back guarantee up to 30 days. To get to know more about this vendor, let’s have a look at the products that they offer at their store.

Kratom powder

Sacred Kratom has an attractive line up of Kratom powder variants at their store. Having sourced their Kratom from handpicked farmers of the Southeast Asian countries, they select the best leaves from mature trees. They then subject these leaves in a controlled environment for drying, from which the farmers grind it finely to produce the top-notch Kratom powder at Sacred Kratom. Bali, Borneo, Sumatra and Maeng Da are some of the Kratom powder varieties that you could get at this store. The pricing starts at 9$ and the weights range from 1oz,  2oz, 4oz, 8oz to 1lb.


I am very much happy with Sacred Kratom because of the variety they tend to offer. They provide Red Kapuas, Super Green Indo and two Borneo strains that are powerful. Apart from the other strains, the one mentioned above is my favorite and am glad that I get it easily from them. In fact, I placed my order during the weekends and was pleased to see that my shipment got delivered the very next day. It is very surprising since most vendors usually don’t do that. I have selected certain other new strains from their store and am yet to try them out. It is as exciting and is starting it all up this coming week.

Effectiveness: Effects kick in faster than expected.

Ease of use: Very finely ground that it is easy to brew it with tea.

Satisfaction:  Much better than expected.

Kratom Extracts

At Sacred Kratom, they adopt a unique Kratom extraction technique to include the number of active ingredients in the extracts. Their extracts are one of best out there with the highest alkaloid concentration with little base material. They offer five main Kratom extracts namely 50x extract, Enhanced Bali, Enhanced Bentuangie, Enhanced Maeng Da and Ultra Enhanced Indo. Their extracts come in different weights as in 5g, 10g, and 20g. The prices start at 29$.


I am a big fan of Kratom extracts and the research led me to Sacred Kratom due to their powerful lineup of extracts. Though they offer only five enhanced strains of extracts, these five are the most powerful and stronger compared to the other extracts offered by different vendors. I have always wanted a highly potent extract that also comes up with a good aroma. My search ended with the Enhanced Bentuangie that is potent and has a comforting aroma at the same time. They are slightly overpriced than other vendors but their products are worth every penny that you spend out of your pockets. The best part is that you tend to get a lot of offers with Sacred Kratom.

Effectiveness: Stronger in every aspect with high potency levels.

Ease of Use: Better than having to prepare my own Kratom tea.

Satisfaction: Can’t ask for anything more. Quality equates with the money spent.

Kratom Capsules

One of the most popular choices of most customers since it is easy to measure and transport. Sacred Kratom sources their Kratom from chosen farmers and pack the powder with the help of a machine into the vegetable capsule size 00, where each capsule contains 750mg of the specific strain. Bali, Borneo and Maeng Da capsules are the most popular variants available at Sacred Kratom. The pricing starts at 19$ and the weights range up to 8oz for purchase.

Effectiveness: Best suited for all capsule lovers. Effects don’t take much time to kick in compared to other capsules.

Ease of Use: Very comfortable and saves a lot of time. It can be transported anywhere.

Satisfaction: Exceeds expectations.

Starter Packs

At sacred Kratom, you can also find Starter Packs based on the strain. Maeng Da Starter pack offers Red, Green and White Maeng Da at 49$. Similarly, Green and Red Started packs containing 3 under each label is also provided at this store. The starter packs can help you save a lot of money while getting the top grade Kratom delivered at your doorstep.

If you are particular about the quality and fine with spending a bit much for it, then Sacred Kratom can be the right place for you. Visit their website to know more about the franchise and its products.

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