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  • April 23, 2019

Top Options to Purchase Kratom Online

With a large number of e-commerce websites out there, any average customer would be familiar with the MasterCard or Visa for payment since these are the very common payment modes out there. So when did you last purchase something online? Was there any difficulty finding your most preferred payment option? Well, you are lucky if that’s not the case. There is a huge trend in the form of new alternate payment options, brought about by the vendors for safety and security. Online Kratom shops have also been subjected to this wave and hence, sometimes, you might not find your preferred payment option at one of your favorite Kratom vendors. The main reason is that Kratom is a controversial drug and hence it’s not a cakewalk for the vendors out there. I am also sure some users might not even be aware of the top options that enable them to purchase Kratom online. Also, being new to the online Kratom market will make your life all the more stressful. However, this post is here to enlighten you on the most commonly offered payment options in the online Kratom markets, so that you can adopt any of these for ease and security. These top options have been surveyed by analyzing some of the websites and the information on these vendors have also been furnished at the end of this write-up.

Top Options to Purchase Kratom Online


PayPal must be a well-known term to you given the fact that it is quite popular all over the world. PayPal is a wallet type of payment option where you can always make purchases by linking the wallet with your bank account. You can either link it or add cash into your PayPal wallet, once you create an account with the service provider. All you have to do is place your order and then log into your PayPal account, for you will not be disturbed for the remaining part of the process. Most of the Kratom vendors initially offered this payment option to their customers and later some had to scrap it due to the problems they faced. For example, some users had their PayPal account terminated after they purchased Kratom with it. This again leads the baton to the vendors who become responsible for this. It involves a certain legal procedure to get it sorted. Though this issue is much evidence, some of the reputed vendors have associated with PayPal and they promise a seamless process to their customers.

MasterCard – (Credit and Debit Cards)

MasterCard is a financial intermediary service provided by a Multinational financial corporation, based out of the United States of America. For the world to become digital, online transactions were in need of a secure gateway for all financial means. MasterCard and other intermediaries have taken the big stage now to make the digital dream come true. They facilitate an encrypted SSL portal through which all your important data is processed. This service is accepted in more than 200 countries and also most of the popular bands out there have enrolled themselves under this service for digital transactions. It is to be noted that most Kratom vendors provide this option to their customers along with VISA for enhancing the purchase process. You can also use your debit cards if not the credit cards for purchase. This option might not be very new to you and if it is, you will just have to enter your card details and proceed to the next step where a safe merchant site helps you get done with your payment easily.


Bitcoin is one of the open wire payment methods out there that use cryptocurrencies for payment processes. Bitcoin has become the go-to payment option for both the vendors and the customers in the Kratom community owing to its anonymity and convenience. Payments made through this option are easy to verify and also they aren’t brought under the eyes of scrutiny much. You will have to open an account at a reliable exchange and then link your account with it. The good thing about Bitcoin is that you are prone to experience great offers and discounts upon using this for your payment process. The process has also been simplified since some of the vendors have come up with QR code for scanning during checkout. If you ask if this option is completely safe, I would say no but no option out there is completely safe for your information. People have lost bitcoins by not storing it efficiently in cold storage. But it is considered to be safer than most other reliable options out there.


E-check or the electronic check option is the most popular one out there for all Kratom users. Most of the users prefer this method for its ease and security. E-Check is a free wire payment method that enables the customer to process their payments without any fee and also the procedure is initiated by engaging your bank directly for the payment. The processing and verification process is mostly cleared in less than 48 hours. This method is employed by most or all Kratom vendors out there for efficiency and safety.

Offline Orders and COD

Some of the Kratom vendors might have these options where you can place a Kratom order on phone or you can choose to pay for the order upon delivery. The delivery is made through USPS and you will have to sign and pay for it to receive the package. This option might not be favorable if you aren’t present at home most part of the time.

These are some of the top options to purchase Kratom online. Kaybotanicals, PurKratom, Phytoextractum, Best Kratom and Kraken Kratom are some of the most reputed Kratom vendors who provide all these above-stated options for payment to their customers. The above-stated information might have given you a clear picture as to which of these methods would be suitable for you so that you can purchase your Kratom online without any fuss.

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